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The Bar Mitzvah of

Sam & Josh

Tikun Olam Bar Mitzvah Album

This album TIKUN OLAM comes straight from our hearts and souls as we celebrate our Bar Mitzvahs. With the spotlight on feeding the hungry, we recognize that there are many ways to “fix the world.”

Through perseverance, friendship, love, optimism, commitment, community, light, home, equality and mutual respect our world moves forward each day. The making of this album has been a long journey. Here we present the songs that move us to connect and to give of ourselves to improve our precious world. We hope that you enjoy these tunes and that they inspire you to do the same.

Our chosen charity is Leket Israel. Leket feeds the needy in Israel on a daily basis by rescuing food that would otherwise go to waste.

OUR GOAL: We hope to raise $45,000 to help Leket Israel lease a 15 ton refrigerated truck for a year.

About Leket Israel: Founded in 2003, Leket Israel rescues and redelivers surplus food that would otherwise be discarded to people in need. Leket Israel, The National Food Bank serves as Israel’s leading food rescue and redistribution network, actively working to alleviate nutritional insecurity in Israel through its many projects. With a task force of volunteers and staff members, over 220 tons of food per week is transferred to 180 nonprofit partners including soup kitchens, homeless shelters, senior centers and other social service organizations around Israel; reaching more than 140,000+ needy people on a weekly basis.

Please contribute generously to our cause by donating and downloading this music album.

Thank you,
Josh Levine and Sam Goldberg

We wish to thank the following individuals who helped make this album possible:

Alyssa Goldberg and Shira Levine
Nothing happens without the moms
Ben Hyman
Music Teacher, Producer, Sound Engineer, Acoustic and Electric Guitar Backup, Backup Vocals (http://www.Bensguitar.com)
Chris Astarita
Music Teacher
Sofia Schreiber
Vocals (Carry On)
Harry Goldberg, Cheryl Goldberg, Elaine (Lainie) Ziner
Vocals (Na’ar Hayiti)
Jay Goldberg
Vocals (Sweet Child of Mine and One), Backup Vocals (Hey Jude and Na’ar Hayiti)
Stephanie Ramos
Vocal Coach

And of course the Leket team
Joseph Gitler
Founder and Chairman of Leket Israel
Lauren Yokèd
Executive Director American Friends of Leket Israel
Deena Fiedler
Overseas PR and Marketing Coordinator

Please note: After making a donation, you will receive a link to download the album in your thank you email.

Property credits to the original artists whose songs listed here inspire us – Coldplay, Fun, John Lennon, Imagine Dragons, Billy Joel, Guns N Roses, U2, The Beatles.

Sam Goldberg and Josh Levine

1.The Scientist
2.Carry On
(Featuring Sofia Schreiber)
5.Fix You
6.New York State of Mind
7.Sweet Child of Mine
8.In My Place
10.Hey Jude
11.Na’ar Hayiti